Daryl Claudio.

Art director + designer + front-end developer in Vancouver.

Award-winning interactive + user interface + communication design for local + global organisations.


Since hiring Daryl in 2009, I’ve witnessed his growth into a detailed and thoughtful designer, capable of applying core design principles to nearly any medium (screen, print, video, photography) while still keeping the client’s overall business objectives in mind. This precision and his rational systems-thinking carries over to his front-end development skills, which is thorough and constantly-evolving. He pushes his craft, carefully deliberating each decision and approach, working to understand the nuance, context, and intent of his designs.

Daryl’s real strength as a designer comes from his analytical abilities, which enables him to look at a problem abstractly and then come up with appropriate visual and interactive solutions. He definitely gets user interface design.

I’ve also had the opportunity to see Daryl grow from a more production-oriented designer and developer into a designer who takes creative risks, bringing a new freshness to his recent work. He looks for opportunities to try new methods, moving outside digital when appropriate, and experiments with a variety of styles and techniques. He is immersed in design and web culture, keeping on top of both mainstream and emerging trends.

Daryl’s commitment to typography, eye for balance and detail, and his passion for perfection has challenged and elevated my own craft throughout the years. I look forward to seeing Daryl succeed wherever his career path takes him next, and I take pride in knowing that I had a small part to play in his continued success as a designer and front-end developer.

Over the past 8 years, I have had the privilege of working with Daryl Claudio. During that time I saw him grow and excel in a variety of roles including Art Director, Designer and Front-end Developer. Daryl’s design experience and technical knowledge is both informed through experience, and at the head of the curve. I worked with Daryl long enough to see him in the trenches tackling obscure Internet Explorer 6 issues, lead a company transition to modern, responsive web design techniques, and re-envision the visual design of complex enterprise software for a new generation.

Daryl is a hard working, dedicated, caring individual who I would be very happy to work with again.

Working with a designer like Daryl is one of those opportunities that doesn’t come along very often. Whether it’s understanding the problem that needs to be solved, coming up with the art direction, getting hands-on with production work or doing front end development, he’s able to handle all of these tasks extremely well. He can come onto any project and make an immediate impact in a number of different ways. It also helps that he’s very proficient with all of his tools and is easily able to pick up new ones. His design sense and understanding of code along with his ability to solve complex problems allows him to produce awesome work. He’s smart, highly talented and a caring individual. In the last 5 years of working with Daryl, I’ve improved and learned a lot. I would be more than happy to work with him again in the future.

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Daryl for almost 6 years now, both while he was at Mod7 and when he joined OpenRoad. During the many joint projects between Mod7 and OpenRoad, I found Daryl to be extremely talented and professional. He was always able to jump onto a project, quickly grasp all the requirements and deliver results that wowed both OpenRoad and our clients.

However, it wasn’t until we became co-workers at OpenRoad that I really understood Daryl’s true value to an organization. He’s a master at recognizing complex design problems and producing solutions that are both highly functional and just stunning to look at. He works well within inter-disciplinary teams and is able to guide and mentor other designers. Combine this with Daryl’s caring nature, strong work ethic and sense of humour, and you’ve got an individual who I would gladly work with again in the future.

During my time as Director, Project Services, I worked with Daryl in both his Designer and Art Director roles as a member of our internal Visual Design team. Daryl has a true passion for client work and goes the extra mile to ensure he has pride in the level of detail provided. He ensures that the creative vision carries through all project artifacts consistently. Daryl is kind-hearted and cares deeply about the quality of his work.

In my time working with Daryl, I saw him come into a project for two hours and leave behind a comprehensive package of design tweaks that were like a complete facelift. On another project I saw him go from zero to a completed new design that rescued a graveyard on a major site where our competitors had failed multiple times. Daryl is talented and versatile.

As a developer it was always great to work with Daryl and receive his work. The mockups on handover were always greatly detailed, and the frontend development work was well thought out. It really made implementation that much easier.

While Daryl worked at OpenRoad we were able to benefit from his design talent and skills, in particular his attention to the important details that take a good design and make them great. He contributed to OpenRoad’s portfolio across website design projects, service design engagements, and supported our product offering, ThoughtFarmer. Daryl is always very informed on design trends, cares deeply about typography, and is a detailed front-end designer/developer.

Daryl is a very talented and passionate individual. In one of the project where I worked with him, he had a vision for the design. The design idea went beyond visual design to include interaction design, which couldn’t easily be conveyed through words and flat mocks. He quickly put together a prototype to illustrate his vision. Daryl, with his diverse skill-set and his ability to rationalize design decisions, is a great asset to any team.

I had the opportunity to work with Daryl in his role as Art Director. Often times, the sales team would need assistance with presentation decks and other sales collateral, and Daryl was always very willing to give a hand. I appreciated his desire to understand the requirements and provide great work. I’d recommend Daryl wholeheartedly.

Working with Daryl at OpenRoad taught me the true meaning of attention to detail. Whether it be typography, design or front-end code, Daryl cares deeply about design and makes sure that the deliverable going out the door is pixel-perfect.

Daryl is an asset to any interactive studio. He’s an excellent front-end developer with a keen eye for design. In addition, Daryl stays tuned into the industry and is a pleasure to work with.

Daryl was instrumental in many aspects of the design of important digital properties for our organization. Dating back to 2009, he was involved in several iterations of the BC Dairy Association website, including the one currently in use. He was lead designer in this project, and was also involved as a front end developer and user experience designer. He wrote interface and internal process guides to help us use the content management system for the website, making it very easy for those of us non-technical people to continually create fresh, good-looking content for the site.

Beyond the technical skills, I must say it was always a pleasure to meet and work with Daryl. He readily responded to our needs and many requests—a true partnership resulting in award-winning results we are still satisfied with to this day.